A Device That Filters Plastic Out Of Beach Sand

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Ken G Kosada is a professional action cinematographer and a photographer. He is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.nKen is a nature lover and staying in Hawaii, is much connected to the seashore and beaches.
He has built sand filters at the beach to clean the sand of any waste and garbage thrown on the beach.

These filters are circular and are made out of metal. They are called Tumblers. These Tumblers are very effective for beach cleanup as they filter out everything except sand. This device spins sand and debris inside of a metal grate, catching debris and allowing clean sand to fall through. We can filter out paper, plastic, bottle caps, masks, seashells, and more.

With so much garbage found on the river banks, most of it flows into the oceans with waves. This garbage in the firm of plastic and more breaks down into microplastics and causes damage to the aquatic life which eventually ends up on our plates too.

Ken G. Kosada has used the Tumbler device to clean up beaches around Hawaii. This is helping cleanup the beaches as well as giving them a fun activity which can help the environment.

With the kids engaging in this cleanup, it will make them aware of plastic pollution at a very young age. It will make them understand the importance of a plastic free environment. Making them realise at a very early age about plastic pollution and its consequences will encourage them to make conscious decisions about plastic disposal.

He says that we should put all that we have into showing kindness while we have a chance to do so, because we are all on the same team many generations into the future.

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