A Canadian Patient Diagnosed With Climate Change Might Be The First Ever Globally

A Canadian patient might be the first ever in the world to be diagnosed with climate change. Patient was struggling to breathe and hence the doctor had to find the immediate causes.

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The patient is a senior citizen with asthma conditions and affected by forest fires and heat waves. Canada witnessed a difficult summer with record breaking heat waves and wildfires.

Air quality has been drastically hit due to climate related hazards. Wildfires have consistently been on a rise around the globe. Many young and old are particularly vulnerable to air pollution.

Dr. Kyle Merritt from Kootenay lake hospital has seen many cases due to the harsh summer. Dr. Merritt believes that not mentioning the direct cause like climate change would be wrong. Next time you face difficulties breathing, it may be directly related to climate change.

Rahul Somvanshi

Rahul is a filmmaker and photographer, with a passion for environmentally helpful technology, design, and science. Always mindful of climate change's impact, he writes to highlight the latest updates on potential solutions that can benefit the planet.

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