8 Billion Humans, Biggest Dam Demolition In USA, Wet Pet Food Worse For Climate & More – Weekly News

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  1. Eco-warriors have attacked a famous painting by artist Gustav Klimt with a black oily liquid and then glued themself to a glass protecting the frame. The activists are demanding the halt of fossil fuels accelerating climate catastrophe.
  2. Global warming is slowly devastating Boreal Forests a.k.a Earth’s second lungs, second only to South American Amazon forest. The Boreal forest is vital to ensuring the future of Earth.
  3. Pallid swifts come to UK shores amid worrying changes in climate. Warm autumn has brought about 100 to Britain, a development that has caused concern.
  4. Wet pet food is far worse for Climate than dry food, a study finds. Meat-rich nest food  causes eight times more emissions, giving some dogs the same same carbon footprint as a human.
  5. US approves largest dam demolition in history to save endangered salmon. Four dams on the California-Oregon border are to be decommissioned on Klamath river which the fish  use to reach spawning grounds.
  6. The global population reached the 8 billion mark on Tuesday, the 15 November, 2022. India is expected to be the most populous country by next November 15. Some sort of population control might be need of the hour
  7. COP27 becomes another climate summit and will be a damp squib as Sharm el-Sheikh witnessed an array of protests & dissent. Many leaders failed to come to a mutual agreement on core issues.

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