69% Decline In Wildlife – WWF, New Zealand’s Livestock Tax, Nature Have A Legal Status In Spain, Bolivia & Ecuador – News Round Up

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1.Beavers are a protected species in England now. To capture or kill beaver is illegal as they are known “ecosystem engineers“ by ecologists.

2. Animals, trees & rivers are to be given legal status. In Spain, Bolivia & Ecuador they are to be treated as a person. Already a n endangered lagoon is granted the status of a living being.

3. Climate crisis topped with Lithium mining in South America are impacting the threatened flamingo species. Bright flamingo flocks are called a’ flamboyance’- but as their wetlands, foraging, nesting grounds now shrink, these birds are growing vulnerable.

4. New Zealand proposes to tax livestock burps, farts. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said the levy would be the first of its kind in the world. Gasses naturally emitted by New Zealand’s 6.2 million cows are among the country’s biggest environmental threats.

5. The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) recently released its ‘Living Planet Report 2022’. This finds a 69% decline in wildlife population between1970 & 2018. The crisis is caused by the Anthropocene, known as the era of sprawling human impacts, extending from heating Earth’s atmosphere to making oceans acidic & destroying habitat.

Govind Tekale

Govind is a retired teacher, but he always had a passion for current affairs and general knowledge. With a history of love/addiction for reading, Govind has switched to writing as a way to express his ideas and share essential information.

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  1. Sir, Your observations are true. Other countries have systems and checks to preserve the Nature.

    The tax on farts and burps of cows proposed by New Zealand is interesting. I just recalled the cow population in India and what could be the impact of their farts and burps on Nature. Can our country ever dream of such taxes. Our Sanghi friends will reboot.

    No political lineage intended.

    Your ever grateful student.

    R 434

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