Teen Activists Are Pouring Milk On Supermarket Floors & Products In A New Wave Of Anti Dairy Protests

October 17, 2022
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A new wave of anti dairy activism has emerged in the UK. Many activists including teenagers are engaging themselves in the act of abruptly pouring milk in the middle of busy shopping marts. In the present times when climate related extreme events are on a rise activists are breaking their passive approach. Many of these provocative protests are carried out in Europe mostly under the umbrella of environmental group Animal Rebellion.

Animal Rebellion is a derivative of the popular environmental group called Extinction Rebellion. Amongst the many variables of Extinction Rebellion, Animal rebellion has found its purpose in highlighting the worsening effects of animal farming. Animal farming as per the many research studies is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gasses along with its water intensive requirements. Recently the New Zealand govt. has made its plan to tax livestock burps and farts. Many researchers are finding a way around the methane burps and farts of livestock.

Animal Rebellion had taken its roots in European cities like London and Berlin in 2019 during the Extinction rebellion protests. Since then Animal Rebellion has spread to many places in and out of Europe. Many of the protests are moving ahead of its conventional styles like Animal Rebellion activists have opted for this bizarre and attention seeking way to make their point.

The protests that erupted on Oct 15th across the UK in many of the super markets have broken the internet. Many activists are seen pouring milk in the premises of major and mid-sized super markets in the UK. Their demands echo plant based solutions for the Uk and beyond. In an interview with LBC London, a group member stressed on the UK being an animal loving country and on the split side actively engaging in dairy products. The activists further clarifies about the process of extracting milk from mammals like cows and the forceful activity that is practiced in the dairy industry.

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