16-Foot Python Swallows Missing Woman Whole in Indonesia

June 10, 2024
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snake, Python family, scaled reptile, serpent, terrestrial animal, close up, wildlife, burmese python, boa constrictor, photography, viper 4621x2972
snake, Python family, scaled reptile, serpent, terrestrial animal, close up, wildlife, burmese python, boa constrictor, photography, viper 4621x2972

A woman was found dead inside the belly of a snake after it swallowed her whole in central Indonesia, a local official said Saturday, making her at least the fifth person to be devoured by a python in the country since 2017. According to local agencies, the husband of 45-year-old Farida and residents of the village of Kalempang, in South Sulawesi province, discovered her on Friday inside a reticulated python, which measured about 16 feet. The village chief, Suardi Rosi, explained that neighbors searched the area and quickly found a python with a large belly. They decided to open its stomach. To everyone’s surprise, inside the intestines appeared Farida’s head, who was fully dressed inside the snake.

The graphic video published by TMZ appeared to show the snake being opened in a wooded area, while more images published by the Daily Mail seemed to show the woman’s body being carried in a blanket alongside distressed villagers.

Reports of humans killed by pythons are extremely rare, but several people have died in Indonesia in recent years after being swallowed whole by pythons. The vast majority of pythons are too small to eat a human, but it is known that the largest species can eat people. The reticulated python of Southeast Asia is one of those that can do so. Reticulated pythons grab their prey with dozens of sharp, curved teeth and then squeeze them to death before swallowing them whole. They are widespread in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia and are known to eat monkeys, pigs, and other mammals.

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In 2022, a woman in the Indonesian province of Jambi was killed and swallowed whole by a python, the BBC reported, citing local media. In 2018, a woman was found dead inside a seven-meter python in the city of Muna, in Southeast Sulawesi. In 2017, a farmer from West Sulawesi disappeared before being found devoured alive by a four-meter python in a palm oil plantation. Last year, residents of the Tinanggea district, in Southeast Sulawesi, killed an eight-meter python that was found strangling and eating one of the farmers in a village.

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