Wrinkles Acche Hai’ Mondays: India’s CSIR Climate Initiative Unironed Clothes Every Monday to Combat Climate Change

May 8, 2024
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CSIR Climate Initiative, Representative Image

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has initiated a ‘WAH Mondays’ campaign, which expands to ‘Wrinkles Acche Hai’ (wrinkles are good) on Monday. In this campaign, CSIR Climate Initiative allows its employees to wear wrinkled clothes (crumpled and unironed) on the first day, i.e., Monday. This project has been given consideration, especially since the initiative named ‘Wrinkles Acche Hai’ (wrinkles are good) has been started as a commitment against climate change.

According to the statement released by CSIR, the purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness about transformation and climate change. CSIR officials have confirmed that an institutional initiative has been started where employees are advised to wear wrinkled clothes and to give the same behavior emotionally.

Recently, CSIR declared a climate improvement project over the chief minister’s building. The new campaign has been scheduled between the days of the opening ceremony from May 1-15. During this period, the Ujji institution, considering its broad impact, is planning an institutional initiative to reduce electricity consumption in all CSIR news. The initial goal of CSIR Climate Initiative is to reduce the impact by up to 10 percent during the testing period of January-April 2024 designated for the office.

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Known for its insight and development in dispute resolution and technical exchanges, CSIR is India’s leading research and development institution. With a network of 37 various institutions, it supports 3521 scientific personnel along with 4162 technical and support staff. CSIR spans various fields including geophysics, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and caters to research needs of rural and nascent communities. Its extensive laboratories include youth, engineering, family engineering, and information technologies.

Officials have stated that the new initiative will inform people about technological change and how the smallest things in an anti-culture conflict initiative can have an impact.

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