World’s Oldest Land Animal, Luxury Vehicle Tyres Deflated Globally, Queensland’s Indigenous Rangers and More- Weekly News

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1. With vaccines, dengue could be the next virus to bite the dust. Some pharma companies with vaccines have applied for approval in India while others have begun their trials. Dengue, caused by mosquito bite, is counted among the 10 threats to public health by WHO.

2.Following a spike in earthquakes, Mauna Loa erupts after 38 years of calm Hawaii. Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano has started to erupt, prompting volcanic ash & debris to fall nearby. The volcano alert level was upgraded from “advisory” to “warning” by the Government in Hawaii.

3.The cases responsible for the high pollution levels in India’s national capital might be scrapped.  Punjab govt’s decision to scrap cases filed against for stubble burning is a decision that is questioned by many. State’s CM Bhagwant Mann might have to clarify to the residents of the National capital as they are the victims of unhealthy air quality.

4.Earth Shot Prize has been awarded to the indigenous female rangers of Queensland, Australia. They will receive $1.8M for protecting the Great Barrier Reef. The Revive Our Oceans category of the awards, which was introduced by Prince William and David Attenborough in 2020, was given to the network.

5.Give compelling reason to allow GM mustard, says the Supreme Court Of India on Thursday. The SC said all precautionary measures must be taken before allowing cultivation of genetically modified herbicide-tolerant mustard crops & asked the Centre whether there was any “compelling reason“ to permit it now. 

6.World’s oldest tortoise turns 190. Jonathan, the Seychelles Giant Tortoise, is now the planet’s oldest known living land animal. His  birthday climaxed this week at Plantation House, in St. Helena. A launch of a special Postage stamp highlighted the occasion.

7. Tyres of more than 900 Sport Utility Vehicles were deflated by the environmental advocacy clique “Tyre Extinguishers”. They held their “biggest ever night of action against luxury emissions by deflating Tyres in the United Kingdom (340 SUVs), followed by Switzerland (172), Germany (124), France (112), Sweden (72), United States (52) and Austria (11). 

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