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Symmetry Wood is a sustainable brand that uses the principles of biotechnology to produce  Pyrus, a petroleum-free wood-like substance made from recycled bacterial cellulose from the kombucha industry. This material is thick, splinter-free, and free from any hazardous chemicals found in plastics. Symmetry Wood’s first success came from producing and selling guitar picks made from Pyrus.

Guitarists from all around the United States praised the durability of the pick and appreciated its environmental advantage. Symmetry wood then decided to branch out into jewellery after a successful experience with guitar picks. Each earring is created by the team using sheets of Pyrus, emphasising the individuality of each sheet’s hue and texture. Symmetry has started creating dozens of designs, all of which are hand-designed by their staff in order to provide their supporters with unique designs.

Symmetry aspires to build harmony between humans and the environment by applying this sustainable material that may be used in place of wood. Pyrus is created by first combining agar, boiling water, and bacterial cellulose in a big mould. Then this mixture is allowed to dry before being taken out from the mould and is placed in a dehydrator. The combination shrinks and darkens till it becomes the robust substance which is Pyrus. Symmetry wood has partnered with organizations like Kombuchade, Turtle Stop, The Plant, and Cloud Mountain Kombucha.

Their efforts to combat deforestation are truly noble and their efforts were recently awarded with the James Dyson U.S. National Award. This company is an inspiration for entrepreneurs to venture into the sustainable sector and do well for themselves as well as the planet. 

Enayat Garg

Enayat Garg is currently pursuing BBA honours. She is an enthusiastic environmentalist and a writer.

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