Unlock Superhuman Strength: The AI-Powered Exoskeleton from Hypershell

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Source- Hypershell.cc

Physical ability can be enhanced with an exoskeleton, as claimed by Hypershell. Hypershell‘s device has 14 AI sensors & can offset 30 kg (66lbs) of weight. It assists for over 12 miles on a full charge & targets hiking, trail running, & mountaineering.

It’s claimed by the company that the device can give a 50% torque increase & quadrupled motion acceleration capability. A Shanghai-based startup, Hypershell, is trying its luck with an AI-powered exoskeleton. Over $1 million has been raised from 2,200 backers on Kickstarter.

However, the jury is still out on whether it’s more than a sci-fi-looking fashion accessory. The abilities of the device are worded in a pretty vague way, & it‘s hard to contextualize  the claims. There’s a mixed response from the experts about the potential of the device.

Concern is expressed by an orthopedic surgeon over the possibility that Hypershell could exacerbate existing musculoskeletal issues. The suggested price of the device seems low for a unit that’s so overpowered & tech-intensive.Unusual stress could be caused in other parts of the body, causing more harm than good. 

It’s hard to judge the test videos, & it’s unclear if testers were paid. The claims about the device seem impressive, but without further specifics, they remain ambiguous. The recommendation is to stay away from Hypershell until more testers can get their hands on it.

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