Tresa Motors’ Visionary Electric Truck Sets the Stage for a Sustainable Future in India 

July 5, 2023
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Bengaluru-based Tresa Motors has taken a significant step towards revolutionizing the commercial vehicle industry in India and beyond with the introduction of its first electric commercial vehicle, the Model V0.1. This groundbreaking launch showcases Tresa Motors‘ unwavering commitment to driving India’s transition towards a global force in the commercial vehicle sector, while addressing the urgent need for zero-emissions medium and heavy trucks.

Axial Flux Motor Technology: FLUX350

At the heart of Tresa’s trucks lies its Axial Flux Motor technology, known as FLUX350, making Tresa the only Indian OEM to deliver up to 350kW of continuous power. Renowned for their compact size and lightweight nature, Axial Flux motors represent a cutting-edge solution in the industry. Developed entirely in India, Tresa Motors stands at the forefront of global innovation, elevating the nation’s status in the field of electric vehicle technology.

Tresa Motors is committed to making motors for electric vehicles, specifically focusing on axial flux motors, which offer advantages in terms of size, weight, and efficiency compared to radial flux motors. The company tackled various challenges in motor design, simulation, component sourcing, and manufacturing to create their motors. Through extensive simulations and research, Tresa Motors optimized the motor design and partnered with precision manufacturers in Bangalore for component machining. Neodymium magnets were chosen for their higher magnetic flux, and a cooling mechanism was designed through simulation. The team also developed special jigs and supports for winding copper coils and solved the engineering challenge of machining and stacking CRGO steel plates for the stator. The motor performed well with minor improvements identified for future versions. Tresa Motors emphasizes the need for fundamental technology development in India and aims to contribute to the nation’s growth by creating innovative and reliable motors for electric vehicles.

The Need for Zero Emissions Medium and Heavy Trucks

India’s fleet of 2.8 million trucks contributes to 60% of emissions, emphasizing the critical requirement for zero-emissions medium and heavy trucks. With the upcoming vehicle scrappage policy in 2024 and rising fuel costs, the timing couldn’t be more opportune for a shift towards electric trucks. Tresa Motors aims to spearhead this transition by providing safe, innovative, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional diesel trucks, offering the lowest total cost of ownership.

Impressive Specifications: Model V0.1

Tresa Motors’ Model V0.1 promises to be India’s first fully electric truck, featuring the Flux350 motor that produces 350 kW of peak power and 600 Nm of torque at 4500 RPM. The truck is equipped with the MEG50, a liquid-cooled 50 kWh battery, and aims to achieve a remarkable range of 600 km. While these specifications are indeed impressive, a certain degree of skepticism is warranted until independent reviews and real-world testing can confirm the truck’s actual performance.

Commitment to Innovation and First Principles

Months of intensive simulations in ANSYS and MATLAB were conducted to fine-tune hundreds of parameters, exemplifying Tresa Motors’ dedication to designing and engineering products based on first principles. This rigorous approach ensures that every aspect of the Model V0.1 has been meticulously crafted, instilling confidence in its overall performance and reliability.

The Path Forward: Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Landscape

With its strong commitment to fostering local talent and driving economic growth, Tresa Motors represents a major leap forward in the commercial vehicle industry. This Made in India product embodies the brand’s determination to pioneer the future of electric vehicles, both in India and on a global scale. As Tresa Motors gears up for the physical launch of Model V in the second quarter of FY2023, the company is poised to redefine the electric vehicle landscape and become the next big thing in trucking.

Tresa Motors’ introduction of the Model V0.1 signifies a significant milestone in India’s transition to a prominent player in the global commercial vehicle industry. By combining groundbreaking Axial Flux Motor technology, an ambitious zero-emissions goal, and a rigorous engineering approach, Tresa Motors sets itself apart as an innovative and influential force. As the Model V0.1 hits the roads, independent reviews and real-world performance data will provide a comprehensive evaluation of its capabilities, affirming its potential to reshape the commercial trucking landscape.

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