The Ultimate Mars Experience on Earth : 12 Months in NASA’s Mars Dune Alpha Habitat

April 15, 2023
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The Ultimate Mars Experience on Earth : 12 Months in NASA's Mars Dune Alpha Habitat
Image source: NASA

A 1,700 sq – ft Mars  habitat  where 4 volunteers  will live for 12 months has been unveiled  by NASA. A gym, playStation 3 , & a lot of red stands will form part of the habitat. Spacewalks, exercise, grow crops ,& maintain the habitat will be conducted by the crew, during the mission.

A new simulation habitat  is revealed by NASA for future missions to Mars. The impacts of long isolation on human health will be better understood by the experiments. The US space agency’s massive research base in Houston houses the facility. Not astronauts , but volunteers, will live in the simulation habitat at  Johnson Space Centre in Houston for a year at a time over the course of 3 experiments.

The 1 st trial this summer will be begun by 4 volunteers, whose physical & mental health will be monitored by NASA during this period. The scientists will be informed by the data about the resources  necessary for successful human exploration of Mars. Dubbed “Mars Dune Alpha”, the Habitat, includes 2 bathrooms, a vertical farm , & a room dedicated to medical care.

An “outdoor” reconstruction of the Martian environment is led by an airlock. The red sand- covered floor is surrounded by several pieces of equipment astronauts would likely use . A treadmill on which the make- believe astronauts will walk suspended from straps to simulate the red planet’s lesser gravity forms part of the habitat.

Standard NASA criteria for astronaut candidate applicants will be followed for the selection of volunteers. The crew ‘s response to stressful situations will be regularly  tested by the researchers. The first trial will be begun in the facility with 4 volunteers this June. For strategic, practical, & scientific reasons, several countries are invested in the exploration of Mars. The 3D- printed Habitat could eliminate the need for future settlements to bring heavy or large building materials.

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