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February 17, 2023
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Alanna is a plant-based, scientifically researched, cruelty-free, health and beauty brand promoting India’s first specialised Lips Care products. It is registered with USFDA and contains delicious flavours. 

Alanna has a list of products with ingredients fighting every lip care problem to help people have luscious lips. Alanna’s world’s first lip wash contains all the goodness of active ingredients like Alpha arbutin, ferulic acid, and PHA Lactobionic acid to give lips a boost of fresh energy by giving them their well-deserved attention and care.

This page helps in simplifying every routine with easy steps for the best results. Almost ⅓ people in India report suffering from lip pigmentation due to scorching sun, unstable weather, wind, and dust. So, Alanna’s lip butter mask is indulgent with a smooth texture, the right ingredients, and the correct formulations. Alanna has a range of butter masks for your lips Day Lip Butter Mask, Night Lip Butter Mask, and Chocolate Lip Butter Mask. 

This ButterMask helps to prevent moisture loss and guard lips from the drying effects of weather and wind. A thick, creamy formulation, often thicker than conventional lip balms having skin-softening ingredients like butter and oils. These emollients do not lay on top as a coating but penetrate deep into the lip skin to provide hydration. 

Alanna’s world’s first lip wash gently cleanses and exfoliates lips by removing pigmentation and providing plum lip lines. It curves out the freshness and glows on your lips. Alanna’s Lip pigmentation reduction routine complete kit helps in catering to and caring for any or every Lip Care Problem. This Complete Lip Pigmentation Reduction kit is a way to

lighten up one’s look without having to go through the hassle of going under the knife.

This Kit Includes:

  • Lip Wash with 0.5% Alpha Arbutin + 1% PHA Lactobionic Acid
  • Beet & Berry Lip Scrub with the goodness of Beetroot & Strawberry
  • Day Lip ButterMask with 1% Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38
  • Night Lip ButterMask with 1.5% Pracaxi Seed Oil + 1%

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38

90 % of users experienced a reduction in pigmentation 99% of the users felt hydration throughout the day 92%  of users found an increase in Lip Collagen level. ALANNA’S Lip Wash + Night Lip Butter Mask complement each other and give you your desired results.

  • Dry or Chapped, Smokestruck or Sunburned, Your lips cannot be Abandoned.
  • Accompanying the Lip Wash with Buttermask and following a proper routine will help in reducing hyperpigmentation too.

This helps in cleansing, purifying, and plumping lips. It can take away impurities without drying out lips whereas ferulic acid reduces pigmentation by controlling melanin production and helps reduce smoke stains. 

Alanna’s world’s first men’s lip wash contains ferulic acid that is combined with various antioxidants and other active agents for providing perfect care to the lips along with deep resistance from hyperpigmentation.  LIPWASH is a one-stop shop for all lip concerns. From cleansing to exfoliation, from reducing pigmentation to providing hydration, Lipwash pretty much does everything that one’s lips need! 700 Organic surfactants help to remove impurities and debris from your lips and skin surface so that you can feel refreshed and renewed after every use.

  • PHA Lactobionic Acid exfoliates dead skin cells off your lips and even helps them heal faster!
  • Alpha Arbutin reduces the appearance of pigmentation discoloration on your lips.
  • Pro-vitamin B5 helps boost hydration and heal dryness in between uses.

5% of pure roasted Ghana is the most delicious treat to heal dry and chapped lips along with the ultra-hydrating routine.

  1.  Scrubbing with a chocolate lip scrub buffs away dead and dry skin and helps in increasing blood circulation to lips.
  2. Scoop and apply a thick layer of chocolate lip ButterMask for intense hydration and deep nourishment. 

Alanna launches the world’s first lip care brand, Lip Brush + Lip Wash, Dermatologically tested with Lip Safe Ingredients. The lip mask smells amazing and moisturises well. 

According to Alanna Lip Scrub is an exfoliating product that contains small granules or beads that work to remove dead, dry, and chapped lip skin from the surface of your lips. Lip wash is an aqua-based solution specifically formulated with lab-proven activities to cleanse lip skin and reduce lip pigmentation. So which one should you choose? The lip scrub or lip wash?

They recommend using both products in combination with each other to get the best results possible.

Alanna has been incubated at AIC RNTU foundation Bhopal, supported by ATAL Innovation Mission Official, NITI Aayog. Alanna putting a lot of hard work into building a strong foundation got recognized by Shiprocket’s Co-founder Vishesh Khurana. Ankesh Mehra, Co-founder of Alanna won the money verse pitch fest organised by D2C verse. Thus moving forward with more such opportunities, they are showcasing their talent and coming up with something new every time. Overall Alanna is providing all multiple reasons to love the Lip care essentials. 

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