Eco-Win for Young Living: 2023 Green Business Award Sprouts New Hope!

October 24, 2023
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Young Living Essential Oils Selected as a 2023 Green Business Award Honoree
Young Living Essential Oils Selected as a 2023 Green Business Award Honoree

Young Living Essential Oils, known for their pure aromas and natural benefits, recently earned a nod of approval from Utah’s eco-conscious community. They snagged the 2023 Green Business Award, thanks to their green thumb in environmental care. Smelling good or beauty treats or health bounties are not the only agenda here; it’s about doing good for our planet’s health.

Their efforts? Think butterfly waystations in Mona, creating safe pit stops for these delicate creatures on their migratory journeys. They’re helping butterflies, but they’re also tracking and protecting other pollinators. Bees, essential for our food supply, find a haven in Young Living’s fields.

But it’s not all about the small critters. They’ve also turned their attention to the stately bighorn sheep. At their Skyrider Wilderness Ranch, they’ve set up Utah’s first nursery for these lovely animals, giving them a fighting chance against extinction.

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And let’s not forget the D. Gary Young Wildlife Sanctuary. This sprawling expanse, larger than some small cities, is a safe corridor for elk and deer—right here in Utah. This habitat expanse is a safe corridor for wildlife.

“As a leading brand in our industry, it is important for us to ensure that Young Living’s environmental commitment extends beyond producing premium essential oils and wellness products to making a lasting positive impact on the planet and in the communities we serve. As such, we will remain committed to helping improve biodiversity, safeguarding wild habitats and endangered species, enhancing wildlife protection, restoring ecosystems, and adopting sustainable energy sources that work with nature to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities to Mother Earth.”

Ben Riley, President of Young Living Essential Oils

It was not their first rodeo, though. Young Living has been racking up the eco-awards for years, showing that green business is good business. They’re proving that companies can make a positive impact. The Green Business Awards, an annual event hosted by Utah Business, lauds companies demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility. Young Living’s previous accolades include the Green Business Awards in Waste and Recycling (2020) and Green Building (2019), affirming its position as a corporate environmental steward.

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