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Maroma is a brand dedicated to developing the purest, healthiest goods, and to spread environmental teaching everyone the importance of becoming a Maroma consumer. They seek to live with compassion, generosity, and empathy and to be ecologically sustainable and to better the lives of 6 billion people and animals, and to be generous and give back to the global community. They started when in the late 1970s, some young pioneers produced incense sticks in Auroville, a single line of incense packets with only twelve aromas, to raise much-needed funds for Auroville. Paul Pinthon, one of the co-founders, was joined by his partner Laura Reddy some years later. They then began to establish a firm that would provide a complete line of home fragrances with an identifiable brand image.

As a result, their first step was to rename the firm MAROMA while keeping Encens d’Auroville as the flagship incense product. The name MAROMA comes from the words Ma-mother, Aroma-fragrance, Om-universal sound, and lastly back to Ma-mother. These words inside a single name were intended to give this unit fresh energy.

Maroma strives toward sustainability by Fair Trade, a partnership founded on communication, openness, and mutual respect amongst all stakeholders. It helps in long-term development by improving trade circumstances for neglected producers and labour. Maroma’s slogan has been “people before machines” since its foundation, and its work atmosphere reflects this ideal. They belong to the World Fair Trade Organization and the Fair Trade Forum India.

They adhere to the Fair Trade policy for all individuals engaged with the firm, by taking care of the cleanliness and safety of the work environment as well as the workers’ well-being. They have been clear with their intention of not only producing a beautiful product but also of producing it in an environment conducive to creativity for all those involved.

Maroma is the mass employer and contributor in Auroville. Every year, 40% of Maroma’s income is donated to the community to help it grow and thrive. Maroma provides financial support to Auroville’s educational institutions, enabling the city’s young to forge a great future.

Many different nationalities of youngsters attend these schools. This donation has been going on for a long time and helps kids in many different ways outside of school. Additionally, Maroma gives Christmas presents to all students at the Auroville schools each year. Maroma is the epitome of sustainability and the business world coming together for a brighter future.

Enayat Garg

Enayat Garg is currently pursuing BBA honours. She is an enthusiastic environmentalist and a writer.

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