Super 73 Announces the Fastest-Charging Bike Yet - C1X is Perfect for City and Motorway Riding
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Super 73 Announces the Fastest-Charging Bike Yet – C1X is Perfect for City and Motorway Riding

The fastest-charging electric bike is announced by the Super 73.

Specifications of the Super 73 C1X, developed after more than a year, have been revealed now.

A charging speed of 10.80% in just 15 minutes is featured by the C1X, allowing for a range of 112 km.

The FCEB (fastest charging electric bike) is the ideal combination for riders who ride multiple times in the city & on motorways.

The C1X has a top speed of 120 km/h, ideal for longer motorway trips.

The electric motorcycle market is led by Super 73, which now aims to be the market leader with its FCEB.

The Super 73 C1X has been in development for over a year.

A crucial role in the bike‘s development has been played by reservation holders.

Rapid charging capabilities of the C1X make it a great choice for urban riders.

The charging speed of the C1X outshines the competition, with some bikes taking multiple hours to charge.

The other competitors—Ducati, Trek, & Cannondale—have also entered the market with e–bikes.

With the C1X announcement, Super 73 declared its seat at the electric motorcycle market last year.

The focus of the company is on making cutting–edge technology more accessible & approachable.

A team of engineers has been curated by the Super 73 to revolutionize its tech platform.

Feedback from the customers will be a guiding light in the development process.

The development of the C1X will continue through this year, with the goal of delivering the first production units in 2024.

As the Super 73 prepares to enter the market, affordability & accessibility are paramount.

There is potential in the Super 73 to build a devoted following in the mid-range or budget electric bike market.

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