Stellantis Unveils Eco-Focused Circular Economy Hub at Mirafiori

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Stellantis N.V. today celebrated the official opening of its SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub (CE Hub) at the Mirafiori Complex in Turin, Italy

Stellantis N.V., a major player in the automotive world, has just launched its SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub at Turin’s Mirafiori Complex. It’s not just any facility; this 73,000 sq. meter hub is a significant step in their journey towards sustainability. With an investment of €40 million, Stellantis aims to hire 550 people by 2025, adding a valuable boost to the local economy.

What’s happening at this hub? A lot. They’re not just repairing vehicles; they’re breathing new life into them. The hub’s focus is on remanufacturing engines, gearboxes, and EV batteries. Plus, they’re reconditioning vehicles and dismantling them for parts. It’s all about making the most of what they have. The goal? Reduce waste, reuse parts, and recycle what can’t be reused.

This approach aligns with their 4R strategy: Reman, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle. It’s a smart way to tackle sustainability, addressing the entire lifecycle of automotive parts and vehicles. By 2025, they plan to handle over 50,000 remanufactured parts, aiming for 150,000 by 2030. That’s a lot of parts getting a second chance.

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Vehicle reconditioning and dismantling are key here. The reconditioned vehicles find new homes through SPOTiCAR and the Stellantis &You network. The dismantled vehicles? They’re goldmines for parts and materials, ready for a new purpose.

The hub isn’t just a place for manufacturing; it’s a model of efficiency and synergy. By integrating various processes and materials, they’re setting a standard for Spractices in the automotive industry. This isn’t just good for the environment; it’s smart business.

Stellantis isn’t stopping there. They’re forming partnerships and ventures to tackle EV battery recycling and manage end-of-life vehicles. It’s all part of a bigger picture to reach carbon net-zero by 2038 and to hit over €2 billion in revenues by 2030 through their Circular Economy business.

The opening, attended by Stellantis Chairman John Elkann and CEO Carlos Tavares, isn’t just a milestone for the company. It’s a statement about their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This hub is a fine example of how environmental respect can go hand in hand with economic development. It’s not just a factory; it’s a vision of the future of the auto industry.

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