Sculptures Made From Trash

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Stephanie Suagrfox Hongo, an artist from Connecticut is a trash sculptor. She creates sculptures out of waste, trash and recyclable materials. These materials are donated by friends, family and individuals in Hongos community. Through Sugarfox Art, Stephanie has created many artworks.

Her sculptures are based on wildlife and nature. She makes animal sculptures which are life sized and colours chosen appropriately to make it look vibrant, perhaps magical. Some instances of her waste used by Sugarfox; she upcycled broken umbrella hands to make spider legs. In other artwork she made flowers out of plastic spoons. 

She has used various used materials for many of her projects. Her studio is always filled with heaps of trash and used materials. Stephanie wants to help eliminate wastage in her community by making enchanting pieces of art. Making art out of waste has been life changing for her.

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