Robert Bradford, A Veteran Artist Who Uses Waste To Create Art

do this and many humans have taken the initiative in their hands. Robert Bradford, A Veteran Artist Who Uses Waste To Create Art.

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Saving the planet is not only for environmental activists anymore. Everyone can do this and many have taken the initiative in their hands. Raising environmental sensitivity is an important and big movement that needs the involvement and support of many . Some have opted recycling or reusing the waste or trash for the same purpose.

Thus bringing us to Trash Art, Trash Art is a genre that basically uses waste or trash to create art. Existing media is used to create new works much in the same way collage or installation works, taking in found or junk objects and incorporating them into a larger piece. Robert Bradford is one of the many innovative artists who has shown his method reminding us environmental conservation with his extraordinary skills. But he is not just a self-taught artist who suddenly decided to create something out of kid’s discarded toys. He is a trained visual artist at Ravensbourne College of Art, England, and in film making at The Royal College of Art London.

He had another career on the side as a psychotherapist. But he started his artistic career as a filmmaker and painter. 5 years later he went to the US to exhibit his paintings and art widely. He then decided to return to the UK to specialize in sculpture. Since 2004, he became particularly a well-known personality for his large imaginative sculptures which majorly use discarded plastic waste from nature.

Robert Bradford, A Veteran Artist Who Uses Waste To Create Art, He has now returned to being an independent artist and now focusing on painting on canvas and painted collages. He initiated a great step towards sustainability  by recycling trash and using it for art. His recycled art is then collected for private galleries, museums, and institutions. He has created his life-size and larger-than-life sculptures of various animals and humans etc. from discarded plastic items. His series of artworks made from plastic toys to make sculptures like horses, dogs etc. has been appreciated well, Along with toys he also used other colorful bits and pieces including combs, buttons, and brushes.

In an interview, when he was asked “When it comes to creating your work, do you have a preferred medium, certain types of brushes or tools you love to use?” He replied “Not really, I tend to use whatever tools that came to hand and treat them all badly, I like complex surfaces and a wide variety of types of shapes and marks…I have one worn-out brush that I use to make thin regular lines and can’t remember where I got it from!

Many great artists like him help encourage others to raise their hands and move forward in support of the environment through various creative, innovative, and artistic ways and turn trash into treasure.

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