Relentless Disruptive Protests By Just Stop Oil

November 12, 2022
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Just Stop Oil (member of A22 Network of Civil Resistance Projects) is a group of environmentally concerned individuals that are working together to demanding immediate halt of any further licensing of new oil and gas projects. Their recent protests in  Central London in the UK have sparked tension and affected public order. Their demand is a concern for environmental protection and its repercussions.  

Fossil fuel has settled into modern-day infrastructure for many decades. The use of oil,  coal, natural gas, etc., and the burning of these fuels generates a generous amount of greenhouse gasses which in turn accelerating global warming. Further giving assets to the production, exploration, and development of fossil fuels would worsen the climate crisis. The protesters have targeted the M15 building, the Home Office, the Bank of England, and the News Corp. These locations were chosen as they represent the pillars that support and maintain the power of fossil fuels in the economy.

The environmental activists have sprayed orange paint on numerous establishments. A number of activists have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. There is a lot of climate activism is ongoing and various new forms are coming up. Last month, Just Stop Oil activists were seen in the news for pouring soup over a Van Gogh painting in London. Supporters have also sprayed orange paint on a number of high-end car dealerships like HR Owen Bugatti, Jack Barclay Bentley, Bentley Motor Cars London, and Ferrari Mayfair in Berkeley Square, London. People have used strong defensive statements showing their concern towards the environment. They have also mentioned that they are demanding for no new oil and not asking for it. The new oil licenses will have repercussions and are death sentences as said by one of the students. 

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