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Rare Blanket Octopus Spotted By Marine Biologist Jacinta Shackleton!

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Jacinta Shackleton is a marine biologist and videographer/photographer based in Goldcoast, Australia. She has been documenting marine life and her videos as well as pictures are featured by many renowned publishers.

Jacinta has been living on the Great Barrier Reef for a few years and she is a content creator, while she carries out her research and study for her thesis full time.

Earlier in January, Jacinta Shackleton took a dip along with her friend for a bit of snorkeling. Before witnessing the elusive Blanket Octopus first hand Jacinta Shackleton and her friend had come across a manta ray.  

As per Jacinta Shackleton it was a female Blanket Octopus, it is rarely seen around coral reefs and is mostly found in open oceans.

Jacinta mentions in her post on Facebook that her mind was blown after her encounter with the Blanket Octopus. She goes on ahead explaining how stunning the octopus’s colourful capes were.

Jacinta believes it as a once in a lifetime experience. The video shared by her has garnered nearly 400K views already.

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