Meet True Anomaly: The Startup Disrupting Space Technology with its Jackal Autonomous Orbital Vehicle

April 8, 2023
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A startup called True Anomaly, focused on space security & sustainability, has raised $30 million in funding, including $17 million in a recent Series A round led by Eclipse & supported by Rio Ventures, Champion Hill Ventures, Space VC, & Narya.

Former military operators & engineers who specialize in building spacecraft & software solutions founded the startup in 2022.

The platform of True Anomaly includes seamless satellite, navigation, & data capture technologies that provide unparalleled security & training for the rapidly evolving space market.

Within a year, True Anomaly designed its first spacecraft, the Jackal Autonomous Orbital Vehicle. Opened a 35,000-square-foot factory in Denver, & hired 57 employees.

True Anatoly plans to validate the technical abilities & operational capabilities of the Jackal & scale production later this year, with this most recent funding.

The team at the company has a deep understanding of the increasing international risks facing space systems & the urgency with which they need to be mitigated. The integrated technology stack of True Anamoly will enable the US & its allies to understand activity in the space domain, deploy resilient systems, train combat-ready forces, & compete responsibly.

The work of the company is geared towards helping the US remain the world’s preeminent space power in the face of increased competition from nations such as Russia & China. The Jackal Autonomous Orbital Vehicle (JAOV) is designed for the most challenging space domain awareness missions in LEO, GEO, & other orbits.

JAOV operates safely at close ranges to collect multi-spectral imagery , full-motion video, & metric observation data of any resident space object in any orbit. True Anamoly’s next-generation Mission Control System is used to process data at the edge transport layer or cloud.

TA plans to match the government’s commitment to space resilience & responsible competition by building the solutions needed to enable continued US military advantage in space & protect the burgeoning private sector space economy.

The private & public sectors must join forces to enact meaningful, pivotal change to overcome intense national security space challenges, & must do so dramatically faster than the 7–10 years currently consumed by legacy military space programs.

Congress & the Department of Defence continue to prioritize space resilience & responsible competition with the creation of a new military branch, the Space Force, in 2019, & year-over-year USFS budget increases. 

TA is the purpose- built team with the tactical, technological, & defense procurement expertise to develop the necessary capabilities to regain the US’s military advantage in space & bolster national security.

Govind Tekale

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