Louisiana’s Edison Chouest Offshore Builds First US Service Operations Vessel for Offshore Wind
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Louisiana’s Edison Chouest Offshore Builds First US Service Operations Vessel for Offshore Wind

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Louisiana’s Edison Chouest Offshore is constructing a massive vessel, Eco Edison, for Ørsted and Eversource to serve as floating housing for US offshore wind technicians. The 260-foot-long vessel will also play the role of a floating warehouse for offshore wind technicians’ tools.

The construction of the ECO Edison has created hundreds of jobs, and the components of the vessel are imported from across 34 states. Once complete and operational, the ship will become a year-round home base for 60 of the first US offshore wind turbine technicians.

The Gulf of Mexico region is emerging as a significant player in the development of a new domestic offshore energy supply chain. The differences between the Eco Edison and vessels used for offshore and deepwater oil rigs are evident, such as the use of housing space for workers instead of open deck space.

Another offshore wind vessel, Charybdis, is also being built in the Gulf of Mexico region. Vessels from other ports in the Gulf are already supporting the construction of the South Fork Wind project in New York.

Tuesday’s presentation of the work in progress comes nearly a week after the Biden administration’s announcement of a wind power plan aimed at providing 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030. Louisiana politicians are acknowledging the state’s role in helping the offshore wind industry take off.

All over the world, countries are moving towards wind and solar power away from coal, oil, and methane gas. The development of offshore wind marks a growing presence in the energy landscape, with oil and gas companies sharing valuable know-how.

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