JinkoSolar's N-type TOPCon large-scale module sets a new standard in solar efficiency.

JinkoSolar Achieves Record Efficiency with N-type TOPCon Large-Scale Module

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In a recent surge of innovation, JinkoSolar, a top-tier solar and storage company, has achieved significant breakthroughs in solar technology. Their N-type TOPCon large-scale photovoltaic modules set a new efficiency record at 24.76%, a notable achievement in the industry. This advancement was accredited by TÜV Süd, a third-party authority.

Furthermore, JinkoSolar has made strides in perovskite-silicon stacked tandem N-type TOPCon cells, reaching a 32.33% conversion efficiency. This development, tested by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a leap forward in solar cell efficiency. Dr. Jin Hao, Chief Technology Officer at JinkoSolar, explained, “Using TOPCon as the bottom battery and perovskite to achieve high-efficiency stacked batteries has advantages in process implementation. TOPCon, because of its excellent high-temperature stability, can provide a better selection of functional materials for each layer of the top perovskite battery.”

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Notably, JinkoSolar’s 182mm N-type TOPCon cells have achieved a 26.89% conversion efficiency, as tested by the National Photovoltaic Industry Measurement Testing Center. This marks a return to the forefront of efficiency in large-area monocrystalline silicon cells.

The company’s success is a result of strategic innovation and technological advancement, focusing on N-type technology. This progress not only showcases JinkoSolar’s leadership but also sets a direction for the photovoltaic industry’s future. Their efforts in developing sustainable and efficient solar solutions are a testament to their commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies.

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