Japan’s Shipping Leaders Ignite a Green Renaissance with Liquid Hydrogen Supply!

September 30, 2023
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Hydrogen Fuel Transport Plan
Hydrogen Fuel Transport Plan/www.nyk.com

In a bold step for a greener tomorrow, three big-shot Japanese shippers have teamed up with Japan Suiso Energy (JSE) to kickstart a global project for liquid hydrogen. Announced on September 12, 2023, the squad includes “K”LINE, MOL, and NYK. They’re joining hands with JSE Ocean, JSE’s sidekick. While JSE’s still the big player owning 50.2%, the shipping trio each have a 16.6% slice of the pie.

Now, here’s the buzz: Hydrogen is the new cool kid on the energy block. Japan’s got its eyes on it, big time. Their 2023 game plan? Swap out those old-school fossil fuels for hydrogen. They’re dreaming big – 3 million tons of hydrogen by 2030, and a whopping 20 million by 2050. And guess what? Ships are the unsung heroes to make this dream come true.

Kenjiro Shindo, the head honcho at JSE Ocean, dropped some wisdom: “We’re on a mission to launch the world’s first mega LH2 carrier by 2024.” And here’s the kicker – this ship will run on hydrogen. Talk about walking the talk and slashing those CO2 vibes!

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A little flashback: In 2021, Japan’s Green Innovation Fund gave JSE and pals a thumbs up (and some cash) for their “Liquid Hydrogen Project.” The goal? Craft top-notch tech to liquefy and ship hydrogen. Starting with 30,000 tons, they’re planning to go big. From making hydrogen, turning it liquid, shipping it from Australia, to getting it to Japan – they’ve got it all mapped out.

JSE Ocean popped up in 2023, diving deep into the hydrogen shipping world. With JSE and the shipping trio’s combined brainpower, they’re set to shake up the hydrogen transport scene.

To wrap it up, this team-up is Japan’s shoutout to a cleaner, greener world. By pooling their genius, they’re paving the way in the hydrogen game, hoping others catch the drift. Cool, right? 🌱🚢🌍

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