Jackery AIR-W Wind Turbine: A Foldable & Portable Solution for Your Adventures

February 15, 2023
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The Jackery AIR-W is a foldable, small and portable wind turbine attachment you can use for your outdoor activities. The product enables multi-unit parallel output, which allows it to be used in more applications than standard wind power equipment. Wei Bai, Jiajin He, and Xiaowei Yin created Jackery. This design was inspired by wind turbines. This design transformed a classic huge wind generator into a small and lightweight wind generator that is suited for numerous electrical application scenarios, such as normal users’ outdoor travel and brings eco-friendly journeys.

It can generate electricity as long as there is wind. The project began in Shenzhen in 2022 and will be completed in 2022. Carbon fiber thermoplastic composite material is used in the product to improve its strength and fatigue resistance while also making it lighter. It has an IP67 rating. The tripod is built with foldable post nails for better reinforcement of the device to avoid the device from tipping over at high wind speed. The tripod is constructed using flexible post nails, which allows for improved fortification of the device to prevent tipping over due to severe winds.

AIR-W is made up of a wind rotor, a tiny generator, and a platform that is simple to install and disassemble to ensure that the mechanism maximizes the product’s portability.

The staggered arrangement of upper and lower blades reduces product height. The output power is 200W. It’s lightweight and portable, and AIR-W wants to make it simple for us to harness the force of the wind no matter where we are, especially in windy areas.

It converts the kinetic energy of the wind into energy that fuels your devices, such as your phone, speaker, and laptop. Because of its multi-unit parallel output and clean and renewable energy usage, this power generator can be used in a larger range of application scenarios.

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