Honda Unveils the e:Ny1: A Leap Forward in Electric SUVs

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At a media event in Germany, Honda showcased its second fully electric vehicle, the e:Ny1 electric SUV. The first model to ride on the automaker’s new dedicated EV platform, the e:N Architecture F, is the e:Ny1. An all-new design language for Honda EVs will be featured in Honda’s new electric SUV.

The e:Ny1’s exterior includes a white “H” badge around the vehicle and a new “Honda” emblem on the back that will be featured on the automaker’s new electric models. The platform of the e:N Architecture F is designed with a low center of gravity and underfloor aerodynamics for a dynamic driving experience.

A single front motor powers the e:Ny1 and delivers 201 hp (150 kw) and 228 lb-ft of torque(310 Nm). Having a 68.8 kWh lithium-ion battery with up to 256 miles (412 km) of WLTP range, the e:Ny1 has the ability to fast charge from 10% to 80% in 45 minutes.

A brand-new center console with a simple, modern layout designed for functionality, wireless charging, and an extensive 15.1-inch touch screen infotainment system are featured in the interior of the e:Ny1. Designed to meet the growing demand for electric B-segment SUVs in the region, the Honda e:Ny1 will go on sale in Europe later this year.

The first fully electric Honda SUV, the e:Ny1, is only its second fully electric car after the Honda e. With a low center of gravity and carefully managed underbody aero for a confidence-inspiring drive, the e:N Architecture F promises lots of rigidity.

The drive unit, electric motor, and gearbox all in one for a total of 150 kW (200 bhp, odd in old money) are housed in the high-performance powertrain of the e:Ny1. With the launch of its first EV on a dedicated platform, Honda looks to make up for lost time in the quickly evolving EV market.

The automaker’s first US model, the Honda Prologue, will not go on sale until next year and will be co-developed with General Motors. The e-city car has also been released in Europe by Honda, but the e:Ny1 will be the first to ride on Honda’s dedicated e:N Architecture F.

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Honda revealed plans to accelerate EV production and development earlier this year with a new business structure. Remarkable interior space and comfort are afforded by Honda’s front-drive layout. A striking 15.1-inch touchscreen that dominates the center console is featured in the e:Ny1. Hazards, front and rear windscreen demister are the 3 buttons, but otherwise everything else is on the screen. Of course, the driver gets his or her own digital dash.

According to Honda Europe’s senior vice president, Tom Gardener, the e:Ny1 is the logical next step on Honda’s electrification journey in Europe. The development philosophy of Honda blends intelligent, customer-centric technology with beautiful design and fun-to-drive dynamics.

Honda’s commitment to electrification is exemplified by the e:Ny1, which is the latest step on Honda’s electrification journey. Its timeline again needs to be adjusted by Honda, or it risks falling further behind by delaying the release of its second fully electric EV in the US until 2026.

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