Gothenburg Energi’s Record-Breaking Climate Investment to Reshape Renewable Heat!

November 8, 2023
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Gothenburg Energi's Record-Breaking Climate Investment to Reshape Renewable Heat!
The new biofuel-fired steam boiler will be integrated with the Rya heat and power plant and will be a new visual landmark at the entrance to the Port of Gothenburg.

In a significant stride towards climate neutrality, Gothenburg Energi has announced a landmark investment in a new biofuel-powered steam boiler, which will be integrated with the Rya power heat plant. This initiative is a critical component of the company’s commitment to ensuring that all district heating will be generated from renewable and recycled sources by the end of 2025.

The company sharpened its climate ambitions in 2020, setting a decisive goal for its district heating operations. The new biofuel-powered steam boiler at the Rya site is the centerpiece of this strategy. With the company’s board finalizing the investment decision and the procurement of key contracts, the project is set to become a reality.

The integration of the new boiler with the existing Rya power heat plant will not only enhance the facility’s functionality but also establish a new visual landmark at the entrance to Gothenburg’s harbor. The design of the building has been developed in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg, including a design competition to ensure its aesthetic contribution to the cityscape.

Per-Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Göteborg Energi, expressed pride in the rapid progress towards the transition of district heating. The new facility will eliminate the dependence on natural gas, offering customers 100% renewable and recycled district heating. It will also enhance supply security, add a new source for local electricity production, and strengthen the competitiveness of district heating.

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The transition of the district heating system is part of the City of Gothenburg’s environmental and climate program. The city’s heating is primarily sourced from recycled heat from industry and waste incineration, supplemented by biofuels. To eliminate the last remnants of fossil fuel dependence, Göteborg Energi is implementing various measures, including the construction of a new bio-based hot water boiler at the Rya site and a new district heating pipeline from Mölndal.

The new biofuel-powered steam boiler will offer flexibility in operation, capable of using various types of biofuels, primarily forest chips and recycled wood chips from the region. This flexibility ensures a secure energy supply for Gothenburg and its residents.

The investment in the new boiler is set at 2.53 billion kronor. It is expected to contribute 156 megawatts of heat and 39 megawatts of electricity to the local energy system, significantly boosting the capacity of the Rya power heat plant. The planned operational start is during the heating season of 2025/2026. Valmet has been contracted to supply the boiler, Raumaster will deliver the external fuel handling, and Veidekke Entreprenad will manage the ground and concrete work.

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