German ‘ghost train’ with fire on board stopped before reaching Austria

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Efforts to extinguish a train fire in southern Germany turned into a high-speed pursuit on Friday morning, after the driverless diesel engine began moving on its own accord almost like a ghost train, heading towards Austria.

Firefighters were summoned to attend to a train fire that broke out near the village of Strass at around 3 a.m. (0200 GMT), as per the statement of Bavarian Red Cross. However, just before they reached the spot, the engine began to move downhill on the inclined track, gaining momentum as it rolled for several kilometers (miles) towards the town of Freilassing.

A video that was shared online by the Freilassing Volunteer Firefighting Company depicted the train engulfed in flames and smoke as it passed through the town.

Despite the efforts of the firefighters to catch up with the runaway train, railway officials managed to divert it to a sidetrack near Freilassing station where it was halted by a buffer before it could cross the border. No one was hurt, and the fire was successfully put out, according to the statement of Bavarian Red Cross.

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