From Outer Space to Bedroom: Assumed Meteorite Rock Lands in NJ Home

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Image Creadit- Hopewell Township NJ Police

A meteorite rock broke through a central New Jersey home’s roof, smashed into a wooden floor, and even bounced around a bedroom. The owner’s family of the home discovered the black rock in a corner, which apparently was still warm.

Experts have determined that the object is a rare stony chondrite meteorite. The rock meteorite, which is about 2.2 pounds heavy, is sized about 6-by-4-inches. The meteorite made a hole in the roof and the ceiling before impacting the hardwood floor and coming to rest.

Hopewell Township Police Department, New Jersey, shared a press release and revealed pictures of the meteorite on Facebook. Some people on social media also believe that the object could be from outer space.

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The police department is making efforts to positively identify the object. Fortunately, no one was hurt and there was no serious damage to the house structure. Hazmat officials checked the home for exposure to radioactive material, but the checks were negative.

The experts were assisted in their work by Jerry Delaney, a retired meteorite expert from Rutgers University and the American Museum of Natural History. The object is in excellent condition and is one of a very small number of similar witnessed chondrite falls known to science.

The discovery of the meteorite was a rare and thrilling opportunity for physics students and professors at TCNJ. The police department’s post on Facebook has garnered a lot of attention and comments from users. The incident has sparked interest and curiosity among people about meteorites and outer space.

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