From Forest Gumption Point to Antelope Canyon: Road Trippin on US-Route-163

March 29, 2023
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“Forrest Gump Road” is the popular name of US Route 163. “Forrest Gumption Point” is the point where Forrest Gump decided to stop running. One of the most iconic & stunning roads in the US, particularly in the Southwest, is US Route 163.

US Route 163 is a National Scenic Byway that runs through Monument Valley, famous for its mesas & buttes. Many movies & commercials have featured US Route 163. There are more road trip options than just Route 66 in the Southwest. Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend should be explored by visitors to the Navajo Nation.

Built in 1970, the Scenic Byway 163 is 65.7 Miles (105.8 km) long. The stunning Monument Valley, with its old west desert scenery & red rock spires, is traversed by Route 163. You have to plan about 3 hours to complete the drive, with extra time for side trips & photo stops.

Trail of the Ancients, which explores the archeology & cultural history of the Native American peoples of the Southwest, is a part of US Route 163. The name of the road is unusual, as it should have been a spur of US-63. The length of the highway in Arizona, designated as a scenic route, is 18 miles (29 kilometers).

The “Forest Gump Road” cuts through the heart of Monument Valley & has elevation changes, sharp curves, “S” curves, twists, & long sweepers. Countless movies & advertisements have used US Route 163 as a setting.

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