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EV Upstart Rivian Plans to Raise Additional Capital as Demand Concerns Arise

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Rivian is facing hurdles to ramp up production due to disruptions in its supply chain & this may have raised concerns if the Irvine-based company needs to raise capital. These concerns were confirmed when Rivian announced a drop in its cash position, as the company ended up exhausting cash to fund its increasing operations in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The automaker is also constructing a second factory in southern Georgia and aims to start production of a smaller, more affordable vehicle in 2026. This is raising eyebrows about whether the firm will really require additional capital to finance its operations and expansion. CEO RJ Scaringe accepted that the company may have a demand problem, with other issues like interest rates and macroeconomic factors affecting overall demand across the market.

Rivian has stopped its tradition of giving an update on its preorder book, hence the company’s demand remains uncertain in public eyes. Lucid is another EV upstart that had signaled a drop in demand for its luxury electric sedans, which added to investor concerns.

The price war started by Tesla and other automakers has consumers seeking bargains, while others are waiting it out before buying a new vehicle considering the uncertainty about the health of the economy. Rivian made its bond issue public to raise $1.3 billion, which will be later used for financing its operations and the development of its low-cost vehicle.

The bond issue qualifies as “green bonds,” which in turn will attract institutional investors seeking to reduce their carbon footprint or supporting sustainable development. The news about the bond may have caused Rivian shares to fall nearly 14%, with investors concerned about the company’s financial future.

The uncertainty surrounding Rivian’s finances shows the challenges faced by EV upstarts in competing with established companies like Tesla and finding their place in the rapidly changing EV market.

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