Photo By Emilio Messina

Remarkable Imagery Of Mount Etna Eruption

Mount Etna, one of the active volcanoes, erupted on the night of 10 February, 2022, billowing smoke and lava that could be seen from Nicolosi, Sicily, Southern Italy.

A volcano expert with Italy’s National Institute for Geophysics & Volcanology, said on 11 February, 2022 that such volcanic storms are rare, but can happen in particularly violent eruptions or with volcanoes located near the sea.

The Volcanologist, Boris Behnke, told the Associated Press that volcanic lighting was observed once over Etna in2021, and before that in 2015. The eruption that occurred shortly before midnight on 10 February,2022, did not cause any damage, but it did shoot ash 10 Kms(more than 06 miles) into the air above sea level.

Etna is one of Europe’s most active volcanoes, and its eruptions are not infrequent.
Mount Etna’s latest eruptions awe even those who study volcanoes. It is believed that, when settled on earth, makes soil most fertile.

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