BP Plugs into Tesla’s Tech: The $100 Million Move Electrifying the US!

October 28, 2023
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BP Plugs into Tesla's Tech

BP’s recent announcement of its $100 million deal to acquire Tesla’s ultra-fast charging hardware units has sent shockwaves through the EV industry. This isn’t just another business transaction; it’s a high-voltage move that promises to supercharge the bp pulse public network across the US.

For those plugged into the EV scene, this collaboration means more than just numbers. It’s about expanding horizons for EV fleet customers, offering them the convenience of deploying these state-of-the-art chargers at their private hubs. And here’s the kicker: this is the debut of Tesla’s charging tech in an independent EV charging network.

Charging ahead to 2024, BP has its sights set on electrifying key locations under its umbrella, from TravelCenters of America to Thorntons, ampm, and Amoco. And for those city dwellers? Expect to see these chargers lighting up bp pulse’s Gigahub™ sites in urban jungles like Houston, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Collaborations are also in the pipeline with third-party giants like Hertz.

Now, let’s talk tech. Merging bp pulse’s Omega charge management software with Tesla’s robust chargers? That’s a game-changer. It’s like giving bp pulse the master key to the entire EV fleet charging process, ensuring a seamless experience for its fleet users.

Richard Bartlett, the global CEO of bp pulse, couldn’t contain his excitement, sharing, “Strengthening the bp pulse network with Tesla’s industry-leading hardware propels our ambitions for a high-speed, open-access charging infrastructure in the US.” He’s confident that this alliance will deliver the rapid and reliable juice-up that EV drivers crave.

But what makes these Tesla ultra-fast chargers the talk of the town? With a whopping 250 kW output, they’re set to be the heart of bp pulse’s operations. And with Tesla’s ‘Magic Dock’, they’re ready to connect with both NACS and CCS connectors, welcoming a diverse range of EVs to the party. Plus, with the Plug and Charge protocol, payments are a breeze.

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Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, chimed in with her insights,”Selling our fast-charging hardware is a new step for us, and one we’re looking to expand.” She gave a nod to BP, recognizing this partnership as a leap towards a greener tomorrow.

Sujay Sharma, the driving force behind bp pulse Americas, highlighted the essence of collaboration. He emphasized the company’s strategy of joining forces with industry frontrunners to supercharge EV infrastructure growth across the US. In his words, the future is electric, and bp pulse is all set to lead the charge. ” We remain open and committed to expanding alliances with EV industry leaders even further and we look forward to welcoming the growing number of EV drivers across the country to our network,” he said.

Zooming out, this Tesla collaboration is just a spark in bp pulse’s grand scheme. The company is revving up to deploy more chargers at hotspots like airports and bustling cities. And with grant funds from initiatives like NEVI and CEC, states like California and Pennsylvania are in for an electrifying treat.

Flashback to February 2023, BP dropped a major bombshell, revealing its plan to pump $1 billion into America’s EV charging grid by 2030. It’s clear as day: BP’s commitment to electrifying the roads is unwavering, with a hefty $500 million investment lined up for the next couple of years.

To wrap it up, BP and Tesla are not just making headlines; they’re crafting the future narrative of electric mobility. As these titans join forces, the road ahead for sustainable transportation is charged up and ready to roll.

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