Beneath the Sierra Nevada Mountains: Discovering the Vibrant Wildflowers and Flowing Creeks of Central Joaquin Valley Superbloom

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Source- Bureau of Land Management (CC BY 2.0)

The wildflowers in various colors are bursting in the Central Joaquin Valley. The foothills of the Sierra Nevada are also vibrant, with a rainbow of colors & flowing creeks. Many waterfalls in the mountains have been helped to roar again by the continuous rain & water from melting snow.

The Superbloom phenomenon of California can be seen from space, with bright purple & green blooms in Carrizo National Park. The media created the term “superbloom” to describe colorful, robust blooms.

The bloom of 2019 near the town of New Cuyana was also visible from space. This year also some areas in California are experiencing superblooms, including Chino Hills State Park. Problems in the past, including trampled flowers & trail closures, have been caused by excessive tourism during Super Blooms.

The 2023 super bloom is to be watched by the visitors from a safe distance. Desert areas in Southern California receiving more rain or cooler weather have resulted in the superbloom.

According to an associate research ecologist at UC Riverside’s Centre for Conservation Biology,the term “superbloom” is not a scientific one. Grass growing fast & filling the area covered with flowers is helped by excessive rains.

Every year, the area does not get enough rain for the superbloom to happen. In 2021, NASA’s Landsat 9 satellite was launched to capture images of Earth’s land surface. Cameron Barrows is an associate research ecologist at UC Riverside’s Centre for Conservation Biology.

Richard Minnich is a professor of earth sciences at UC Riverside. The sights & sounds of the superbloom attract visitors from all around. The superbloom can be enjoyed by the locals with a simple trip.

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