ASRA Consortium Targets Automotive Evolution with Innovative Chiplet Technology

January 2, 2024
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Automotive Advanced SoC Technology Research Association
Automotive Advanced SoC Technology Research Association PC- ASRA

The “Advanced SoC Research for Automotive” (ASRA) consortium, established on December 1, 2023, is a notable collaboration in the auto industry. Comprising twelve big names, including Toyota and Honda, the consortium aims to develop System on Chips (SoCs) for cars, vital for autonomous driving and multimedia systems.

ASRA is delving into chiplet technology, which combines smaller chips to create more complex ones. This method offers higher performance and multifunctionality, critical for the evolving automotive sector. By 2028, they plan to establish in-vehicle chiplet technology and start using SoCs in mass-produced vehicles from 2030.

This initiative isn’t just about technology advancement; it’s about keeping up in a market where companies like Tesla are making strides with in-house R&D for advanced chips. ASRA’s formation reflects the auto industry’s push towards more digital and technological sophistication. It’s a strategic move by Japanese automakers to stay competitive globally.

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The consortium’s approach, blending industry, government, and academia, is vital for innovation. While they’re aiming high, it’s not about flashy breakthroughs. It’s about steady, collaborative progress in a field where precision and reliability are paramount.

In essence, ASRA‘s mission is clear: bring advanced digital technology to the forefront of the automotive industry, ensuring safety, efficiency, and connectivity in an increasingly digital world. Their work could shape the future of automotive technology, especially in the realm of electric and autonomous vehicles.

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