Air Pollution In Mumbai (MMR) Spikes As The Dust Clouds Arrive From West

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Mumbai woke up to a thick blanket of haze today. The visibility on the roads had reduced as the citizens began their Sunday with a dull morning.

Massive dust storms that originated from Persia have flown eastwards. Oman is facing heavy dust storms that will continue ahead for a day or two. Dusty winds and clouds have caused low visibility for motorists in Oman.

Similar situation in Pakistan as Karachi was hit by dust storms that travelled eastwards. Same dust clouds along with strong winds reached Western India.

Mumbai witnessed rain-like weather for past couple of days along with light showers. Increase in humidity and lower temperatures have led to the current situation.


As per AQICN.org the air quality in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region has deteriorated drastically. The air pollution levels are really unhealthy for any outdoor activity. Few motorists mentioned that they were experiencing watery eyes while traveling on the highway.

Last week when Londoners faced bad air quality, the authorities acknowledged the conditions. London mayor and Transport For London warned the citizens to avoid any outdoor ventures. Whereas the authorities in India haven’t mentioned anything. There seems a disconnect and lack of concern or even courtesy from authorities towards the citizens.

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