The Alien From Deep Waters,  Peacock Mantis Shrimps

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Nature’s beauty comes from it’s complexity behind a simple exterior. What seems to be pretty straightforward and mesmerizing, is actually the product of countless reactions and cycles of evolution. Known for their complex eyes, peacock mantis shrimps are a creature of rare and deadly beauty.

This galvanic movement of their eyes is captured by @kenzokiren, an undersea videographer, based in Vancouver. His contributions to @discovery and dedication towards the sea animals, make him an even more competent and compassionate videographer. It is believed, shrimp-mantis experience the world in a psychedelic rainbow of vibrance that we can’t even fathom

Riva Surana

Graduating Highschool, Riva is on her way to college to study Media. Besides reading and writing, she is into reading novels, social work and fashion.

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