Sierra Space Launches ‘Tenacity’: A Group Photo Op with the First Commercial Runway-Capable Spaceplane!

November 14, 2023
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Sierra Space Launches 'Tenacity'.

In the aerospace world, Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser, named “Tenacity,” is a game-changer. Revealed on November 2, 2023, it’s the only commercial spaceplane that can land like an airplane. This is big news for space nerds and industry pros alike.

Dream Chaser is all about versatility and innovation. It’s designed for multiple missions, like hauling cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) under NASA’s CRS-2 contract. Think of it as a space delivery truck with some serious tech under the hood.

Sierra Space Launches Tenacity.

This spaceplane is a masterpiece of engineering. It can handle re-entry heat over 3,000 degrees and then cool down fast. Plus, it’s got a state-of-the-art autonomous flight system, ensuring at least 15 missions. That’s some serious longevity in the space biz.

Safety’s a big deal for Dream Chaser. It’s packed with advanced systems to protect its cargo and the ISS crew. And it’s green, too, with a new eco-friendly propulsion system. Sierra Space is thinking about the planet as well as the stars.

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“Tenacity” is prepped for seven ISS missions, carrying essentials and experiments. Its unique feature? It can bring back cargo gently, with less than 1.5g force. Plus, it can land on regular runways, just like a commercial jet.

Today we have arrived at a profound milestone in both our company’s journey and our industry’s future – one that has been years in the making and is shaped by audacious dreaming and tenacious doing.

Tom Vice, Sierra Space CEO

Dream Chaser stands out for its reusability and adaptability – key for different space missions. Its first trip will be from Kennedy Space Center on a ULA Vulcan Centaur rocket, landing at NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility.

Sierra Space is shaping the future of space travel with Dream Chaser and LIFE, a space habitat. They’re part of the Orbital Reef project, a space business park planned for the end of this decade.

Dream Chaser is more than a spaceplane; it’s a symbol of human innovation and the quest for space exploration. With its cutting-edge tech, focus on safety and sustainability, and mission versatility, it’s setting new standards in the aerospace industry. As “Tenacity” gears up for its first mission, it’s a big step towards our spacefaring dreams.

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