Poacher’ on Amazon Prime Exposes Indian Elephant Ivory Trade – What You Need to Know

April 28, 2024
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Elephant skeleton making in thermacol for webseries(Source:Facebook)
Elephant skeleton making in thermacol for webseries(Source:Facebook)

OTT platforms are flourishing with content. On Amazon Prime Video, a web series called ‘Poacher’ was released, which highlights issues often overlooked in the entertainment world. The series ‘Poacher’ is much talked about, partly because of its co-producer Alia Bhatt. After watching ‘Poacher’, it seems clear why Alia agreed to join this project. It is an excellent crime drama series based on true events. Watching this web series makes one feel that such content is highly needed in the Indian OTT landscape.

The story of the ‘Poacher’ web series revolves around elephant hunting. It explores how elephants are hunted for their tusks. When investigating who is hunting elephants and how it is done, and where these tusks end up, the trail leads far. As a forest officer digs deeper into the incidents of ivory hunting, it becomes clear that the connections reach high up. The story takes interesting twists and features many thrilling and anger-inducing scenes. The acting in the web series is also remarkable.

The creator of the ‘Poacher’ web series is Richie Mehta. Richie Mehta is the person who previously created ‘Delhi Crime’ for Netflix, which was also well-received. Once again, he chose a topic that we often overlook in newspaper headlines. It’s something we hardly have time to think about in our busy lives. However, Richie has presented this story strongly. The ‘Poacher’ web series is crafted in such a way that the eight-episode series does not tire the viewer and maintains a continuous thrill.

The web series ‘Poacher’ spans eight episodes, revolving around the jungle and the forest department officials responsible for its protection. In the dense forests of Kerala, some honest officers are tirelessly working to clamp down on the illegal hunting of elephants and the illicit ivory trade. As the investigation progresses, the complicity of influential sections of society also comes to light. The story is set in the year 2015. Conservationists and forest department officials thought they had curbed illegal hunting, but 20 years later, their peace is shattered when news of an ivory smuggling gang surfaces. The forest officials feel guilty for not having performed their duties adequately in the interim.

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The story begins with a character named Aruku, who has himself been part of the heinous crimes against elephants. He confesses his sins in front of the forest officials. The Kerala Forest Department springs into action. Field Director Neil Banerjee (played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya) takes charge. For the investigation, he appoints Range Officer Mala Jogi (Nimisha Sajayan) and computer programmer Alan (Roshan Mathew). This undercover operation receives support from everyone who considers cruelty to animals the greatest crime against humanity. The series deeply discusses the working methods, powers, and authority of the forest officers. It also highlights how, in large cities like the national capital Delhi, which are far from the jungles, the cases are often met with indifference by the officers stationed there.

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