No GPT-5? What OpenAI’s DevDay Has in Store for the Tech World!

September 9, 2023
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What OpenAI's DevDay Has in Store
Sam Altman

OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, is gearing up for its first-ever developer conference on November 6. The event, named OpenAI DevDay, promises attendees a deep dive into the latest in AI advancements. OpenAI’s technical staff will lead breakout sessions, offering a unique perspective into AI’s cutting-edge capabilities. Despite high expectations, CEO Sam Altman dispelled rumors of a GPT-5 release on X, previously known as Twitter, leaving the tech community buzzing with anticipation.

The tech community is now speculating on the surprises that might be unveiled during the conference. A potential highlight could be updates on Global Illumination, an AI design studio acquired by OpenAI in August. There’s also buzz about GPT-4’s image understanding capabilities, which had been previously withheld due to privacy concerns. TechCrunch has reported on the anticipation surrounding this feature’s potential release.

OpenAI’s decision to host this developer conference showcases its commitment to its vast developer community, which now exceeds two million users globally. With backing from Microsoft Corporation, OpenAI has ambitious revenue goals, aiming to surpass $1 billion in the upcoming year. In 2023, OpenAI, known for ChatGPT, reported an impressive estimated revenue of $200 million. Currently, the company’s monthly revenue stands at over $80 million, marking a significant rise from $28 million in 2022.

OpenAI’s continuous API updates have made it easier for developers to integrate advanced AI models into their projects. Over 2 million developers are leveraging OpenAI’s models like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Dall-E, and Whisper for diverse applications. While DevDay will primarily be an in-person affair, select segments, like the keynote, will be available via livestream. Developer registration for DevDay will commence soon, with attendance likely capped to a few hundred to ensure an intimate experience.

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In recent news, ChatGPT’s website traffic has seen a decline for three consecutive months. Analytics firm Similarweb reported a 3.2% drop in global website traffic to ChatGPT in August, amounting to 1.43 billion visits. Despite this, the number of unique visitors to ChatGPT’s website saw a slight uptick, from 180 million to 180.5 million. The resumption of schools in September is expected to positively influence ChatGPT’s traffic, with many educational institutions adopting it as a tool. David F. Carr of Similarweb noted a resurgence in younger users as schools resumed, indicating students might be using ChatGPT for homework assistance.

ChatGPT achieved a milestone of 100 million monthly active users just two months post-launch, revolutionizing the use of generative AI. OpenAI expanded its user base by introducing the ChatGPT app on the iOS platform in May. Beyond its free offering, ChatGPT also provides a premium subscription at $20 per month. OpenAI’s revenue streams aren’t limited to ChatGPT; they also monetize by granting AI model access to developers and businesses. A significant partnership with Microsoft, involving an investment exceeding $10 billion, further bolsters OpenAI’s financial standing.

Sam Altman, OpenAI’s CEO, has become a central figure in AI discussions, especially after the successful launch of ChatGPT in November 2022. Altman recently emphasized the ease of innovation with small, decisive teams that don’t compromise on performance. He also delved into the philosophical implications of AI, suggesting humans will adapt and redefine themselves as AI continues to evolve. Altman envisions a future where AI plays a pivotal role in education, potentially bridging educational disparities. He believes AI could accelerate scientific progress, aiding researchers in groundbreaking discoveries.

OpenAI’s mission includes making AI accessible to all, allowing users to define desired behaviors in plain English. Altman’s recent discussions provide a comprehensive view of AI’s future, urging a balanced approach of caution, optimism, and responsibility. With AI being the focal point of 2023’s technological discourse, OpenAI’s upcoming DevDay is set to be a landmark event. As the world watches, OpenAI continues to shape the narrative, driving innovation and setting the pace for AI’s global impact.

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