Heroes on the Water: Veterans, First Responders, and Kayak Fishing Therapy

October 23, 2023
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Discover how Heroes on the Water harnesses kayak fishing to anchor mental wellness for veterans and first responders

Since its inception in 2007, Heroes on the Water has served as a lifeline for over 60,000 veterans and first responders, using kayak fishing as a form of therapy to navigate the choppy waters of mental health challenges. The organization’s programs, known for their healing touch, focus on outdoor activities, a strategy backed by studies like the one from the VA and the University of Michigan, highlighting the mental health perks of nature outings for veterans.

Discover how Heroes on the Water harnesses kayak fishing to anchor mental wellness for veterans and first responders

Kayak Fishing: A Therapeutic Pursuit

“Kayak fishing is more than a pastime; it’s a lifeline, a way to reel in peace and cast away turmoil,” the folks at Heroes on the Water often say, emphasizing the activity’s therapeutic essence. Their reach expanded in 2018 to include first responders, acknowledging the shared battles against mental health storms, often different in origin but similar in pain.

Discover how Heroes on the Water harnesses kayak fishing to anchor mental wellness for veterans and first responders

Safe Harbors of Support

Free of charge, their events are safe harbors, places where heroes can dock their burdens and find understanding and camaraderie, crucial anchors in their journey to wellness. The organization sails by a compass of core values: Family, Integrity, Respect, Stewardship, and Teamwork, guiding them as they chart courses of support for those who’ve weathered life’s toughest storms.

Discover how Heroes on the Water harnesses kayak fishing to anchor mental wellness for veterans and first responders

15 Years of Resilience

Marking 15 years of service, Heroes on the Water shared “15 Spotlights,” tales of resilience that serve as lighthouses for others still navigating their way back to tranquility. These stories, from veterans like Rick Gonzalez, who traded fields for battlefields, to first responders like Lisa Ramsey, who patrols the streets with unyielding resolve, reflect the courage and strength within the community.

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Buoys of Hope

“These narratives are buoys of hope, showing that even in the roughest waters, resilience prevails,” the organization notes, inviting others to dive into these stories on their website. They extend a hearty salute to all who’ve helped steer the organization forward, contributing to the positive ripples in the lives of countless heroes.

Discover how Heroes on the Water harnesses kayak fishing to anchor mental wellness for veterans and first responders

Understanding the Tides of Stress

Heroes on the Water also serves as a lighthouse, illuminating the complexities of post-traumatic stress that many of its members face. “Understanding the tides of stress our heroes face is crucial,” states Neil Mullaney, Col (Ret) USAF, at the helm as the Executive Director. The organization recognizes the distinct storms veterans and first responders weather – sudden squalls of combat stress for the former and the relentless waves of cumulative stress for the latter.

Discover how Heroes on the Water harnesses kayak fishing to anchor mental wellness for veterans and first responders

Resources and Support

Their approach encompasses the whole crew, understanding that when one person is adrift, the entire family feels the pull, hence their inclusion in events. Heroes on the Water encourages regular visits, understanding that the journey to calm seas isn’t a one-time voyage but a continual navigation.

Community and Outreach

Their impact ripples out far beyond national waters, with local chapters across the country serving as individual harbors of refuge, where veterans and first responders can anchor themselves and find camaraderie and support. Tales from these harbors, like that of Tracy, a teacher who found solace in fishing, and Gordon, an Army veteran who navigated his way to peace, showcase the power of community. Another story tells of Scott Null, a retired officer who battled unseen currents of stress, highlighting the silent struggles many heroes face.

An Ongoing Journey

Their mission goes beyond guiding individuals to safe harbors; they aim to strengthen the entire fleet, ensuring every hero and their families can navigate life’s waters with confidence. Their journey has touched over 60,000 lives, with an additional 15,000 family members finding their sea legs through the programs.

Charting Courses to Wellness

As they navigate forward, Heroes on the Water remains steadfast, evolving to meet the needs of its community, anchored in the belief that everyone deserves smooth sailing. Their vision is a horizon where all veterans and first responders have the charts they need for a successful journey through life, supported by a fleet of fellow navigators. As they embark on another year, the lives they’ve touched are the stars they use for navigation, guiding them as they continue to chart courses to wellness for all.

A Compass for Navigating Life’s Challenges

Their journey is ongoing, and with every paddle stroke, they propel our heroes towards a horizon of healing and peace. In the words of a sailor from their fleet, “On the water, I found my bearings; with each cast, I reeled in peace, and in the silence, I heard the call of the open sea.” Heroes on the Water is more than an organization; it’s a compass for those navigating rough seas, a community where heroes find their bearings, and a chart for unexplored waters. So, as the day winds down and the boats drift in, the air is filled with more than just the call of the sea; it carries the sound of hope, the laughter of camaraderie, and the silent acknowledgment of shared experiences. And in this gathering at sea, in this shared journey, we find not just stories of heroes, but the charting of human experiences, navigated with resilience and penned with courage. This is Heroes on the Water.

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