Greeting Cards That Can Be Planted And Grown Into Flowering Plants – Thoughtful Human

Thoughtful Human is a gifting agency which helps one gift a customised product according to their preference. They do offer eco-friendly printed T- shirts, printed bags but their most unique gifting option are plantable greeting cards. They began with cards that help in keeping and cherishing challenging relationships when facing an inevitable disease like cancer. But now they offer greeting cards for more occasions. Best thing about their cards is that they can be planted into lovely flowering plants. A great way to dispose or rather use old greeting cards.

This initiative started by Thoughtful Human founder Ali O’ Grady when she thought about giving back to the environment. To stand up for the local and surrounding habitat. The plantable cards have been made to help many in different ways. They started as a small team of few members and the team grew with time. Now, by selling green cards that can be planted, it is a thought that has been planted and the same thought will grow with time. This initiative surely helps back nature with more plants to nourish the habitat.

The cards which they offer contain seeds which germinate with some moisture and soil. Thoughtful Human is a gifting solution which has adopted the moto of “zero waste” and “thoughtful messages”. It was founded a few years back in July 2017 with a motive of doing something positive. It also helps the people through community support and services. Meaningful messages are given a unique shape that remain memorable for every occasion.

Thoughtful Human’s work is also been published even in Forbes magazine. Apart from plantable cards, they also have a podcast which talks about the environment and other important topics. They also have a support series anything regarding the cards, where people who want to talk about their issues regarding the cards can give them a call or drop a message. The support team will reach out to them with courtesy and positivity.

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