Extreme weather is affecting farming worldwide, Norway and Indonesia pact for reforestation, 20 quadrillion ants worldwide & More – Weekly News

September 30, 2022
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1. Rain deficit is expected to reduce Kharif output by 4%in  India this year .But better coarse- grain produce will slightly bridge the gap. According to Agriculture Ministry advance estimates  the overall food grain production is likely 150 metric tons as compared to 156 Mt last year. 

2. There are 20 quadrillion ants worldwide, according to a new census or 2.5 million for every human. Researchers sampled 1,300 locations across the globe. 

3.India’s under- 5 mortality rate is down by 3 points. At 5 points, the highest decline was observed in UP & Karnataka. Maharashtra has met U N targets on child mortality reduction. 

4. Extreme weather is affecting farming worldwide. As extreme droughts or floods are worsening, food security can be bolstered with sustainable supergrains. Many nations are turning to millets for their higher resistance and nutrition.  

5. As the climate crisis intensifies, rivers & lakes around the world are receding to all- new lows. As the water levels are reduidng to all time lows various fossils, shipwrecks, statues, bridges & entire villages are emerging around the world. Making Earth’s past & future collide during an uncertain time. 

6. Tamil Nadu will be a new home to the endangered Dugongs. A new 448 square kilometers Dugong reserve will be set up in Palk bay. 

7. A new pact between Norway and Indonesia will help reduce deforestation and make way for reforestation. After the abrupt end of the previous agreement with Norway, a new 5 year plan is set to take its course.

Govind Tekale

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