Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol Sources & Why They Are Essential
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Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol Sources & Why They Are Essential

Ganesh Chaturthi, one of the major festivals of the year in India celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesh, is quickly approaching. As in previous years, hundreds of thousands of people will assemble to immerse Ganpati idols in water bodies, increasing air and water pollution in many regions of our nation. Since the idols are built of Plaster of Paris, which is naturally non-biodegradable, they clog up water bodies and have a negative impact on the aquatic ecosystem by floating on the water for an extended period of time.

In the past few years, a number of substitutes have been developed, ranging from using natural clay to animal dung to create the base for Ganesh idols. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune are developing environmentally friendly solutions to combat the pollution these celebrations have left behind.

An organization named eCoexist enterprises from Pune are attempting to create a more sustainable future. This group strives to create idols out of clay and other organic dyes. Additionally, they have shifted from using synthetic, chemical paints to using natural, organic Holi paints. Furthermore, they have succeeded in producing red and green colors for their idols using spinach and beetroot. 

In some parts, seed Ganesh idols have also been discovered where in eco-friendly Ganesh statues contain seeds for plants. At the conclusion of the event, you can put the idol in a pot with soil. When you water it, the idol starts to disappear. The seeds germinate in the soil quickly. One such place where you can buy the online Plantable Ganesh idol is Amala earth. Additionally, there are DIY Ganpati Making kits that come with natural clay, seeds, and a mould. You can use these kits to create your own eco-friendly Ganesh statue and have fun with your children. In a pot half filled with soil and some water, you can perform a home visarjan, and in a few days, you’ll be graced with a tiny plant.

Some Ganesh statues are made of paper. These Ganesh idols are constructed using paper pulp. Used books and newspapers are pulped to create paper pulp. Furthermore, non toxic paints or other potentially hazardous products are utilized for decorating. For one of the best Handmade Ganesh idol,  DreamKraft is the perfect place to visit.

The pandal is gorgeously decorated Ganesh idols that are covered in glitter and paint. These paints do, however, frequently contain heavy metals that cause issues when the idol is submerged in water, such as lead, nickel, cadmium, and mercury. The pH values of the water are changed by these metals, turning the water acidic contributes to the continual destruction of the water body’s flora and fauna, only makes the issue worse. Because all of the decorations from the pandal end up in water bodies, switching to environmentally friendly decorations is particularly crucial. 

People of Noida can even eat their Ganesh idol! Have you ever considered the chocolate-based Ganpati idol? Well, it’s now feasible. This exquisite Ganesh Idol is available on Bake Honey. High-quality ingredients are used to create this Chocolate Ganpati, which will offer your taste buds a chocolaty sensation. Their unique Chocolate Ganpati will make any religious holiday you are celebrating more joyful. Delivery of this lovely Chocolate Ganpati is available throughout Noida and the surrounding areas. This chocolate idol, whether for its appearance or flavor, steals the show on Ganesh Chaturthi. For Ganesh Puja, these idols are utilized, and for visarjan, they are submerged in milk. Then, this is given as Prasad to everyone, including the less fortunate.

In order to stop water pollution, people have also invented the “backyard visarjan,” in which the idol is immersed in a bucket of water. Other households have turned to recycling a copper- or brass-made metal idol that is stored away after the visarjans and reused the following year.

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