Building Material  Made From Eel Grass

Building Material  Made From Eel Grass- A New Spin To Sustainability

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With the world finally opening its eyes to the harm that the human race has caused to the environment, sustainability in all its forms has emerged as a mindful solution. Approaching architecture with the concept in mind, a Danish material manufacturer – Søuld provides forward-thinking designers, builders, and end-users with sustainable alternatives to the traditional building materials.

Green architecture refers to the science, and style of buildings that are built and constructed using ecologically friendly principles and aims to reduce the number of resources used as well as the environmental damage caused by the emission, pollution, and waste of its components.

Founded in 2010, Søuld has been providing its clients with sturdy and chic yet sustainable building materials. From collaborating with ecologists, manufacturers, and designers to digging deep into Danish culture to revitalize the construction industry, Søuld has done it all.  

One of its most celebrated endeavors has been the development of acoustics from eelgrass.  

Eelgrass, a natural, non-toxic, CO2-storing substance, is used in Søuld’s acoustic devices to produce pleasant interior settings that support human health and well-being. The organic features of the material excite the senses and provide warmth and tactility to rooms.

Eelgrass was once common as a roofing material in traditional Laeso seaweed cottages, which are located off the coast of the Danish mainland. Through revolutionary technologies and 5 years of research and development, Søuld transformed the conventional building process into a modern choice. 

Søuld‘s solutions, which are made of an exceptional organic substance, offer great acoustic and thermal comfort, balanced humidity management, and high fire resistance. To provide excellent indoor air quality, the material is devoid of hazardous compounds and emits exceptionally low levels of emissions.

The company aspires to lead the industry with sustainable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing building materials that are tailored to the demands of today’s architects and interior designers and deliver long-term value to end-users.

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