Utqiaġvik, Alaska sees the sun again after 65 days of darkness

Photographer Mark Mahaney documents first sunrise of the year in Utqiaġvik 

Living in the dark affects the town's energy and increases crime and abuse 

Utqiaġvik residents will experience increasing amounts of sunlight in the coming days and weeks 

Town will be in a state of twilight throughout the night in March Utqiagvik will experience a period of complete darkness in April before the midnight sun in May 

The sun will remain visible in Utqiagvik until August 2nd 

The low angle of the sun during winter keeps the town in a perpetual state of twilight 

Utqiagvik, also known as Barrow, is the northernmost town in the U.S. 

The town is located 320 miles north of the Arctic circle.

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