The Amazon Forest May Turn Into Savanna In 5 Years

The Amazon river basin is home to the biggest tropical rainforest in the world. It is one of the major carbon sinks as well as oxygen contributors in the world. 

“We are in an emergency, we need action now.” says Luciana, Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research

For years Luciana has been studying the Amazon Forest from the sky.

Luciana believes that in 5 years Amazon will reach a point of no return.

Once we reach the tipping point, the dense rainforest will turn into dry savannah land.

Gatti thinks some parts of the Amazon have already crossed the line.

The western parts of the Amazon Forest are still acting like carbon sinks because of its unreachability.

But the deteriorated forest land towards the east is now releasing more carbon than the amount absorbed. 

That means the Amazon Forest is losing its role as a carbon offsetter and becoming the complete opposite.

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