Riding Triangular Wheels and Exploring the Unconventional World of Bike Design

The basic design for pedal-powered bicycles hasn’t changed much in over 150 years, but some continue to try to reinvent the wheel: literally.

A YouTube video showcased an unorthodox custom bike with square wheels that didn't roll but used tire treads to move forward, similar to a tank.

The square-wheeled bike initially appeared unrideable, but its clever design defied expectations and challenged the conventional notion of bicycle wheels.

Inspired by the success of the square-wheeled bike, The Q channel ventured into designing a bike with triangular wheels that actually rolled like round ones.

The triangular-wheeled bike incorporated slight curvatures and articulated arms, allowing for a smooth and comfortable riding experience, despite its unconventional wheel shape.

Transitioning from the apex points to the flat sides of the triangular wheels provides a subtle surge in forward speed, making the design suitable for navigating uneven terrain.

These unconventional bike designs challenge traditional concepts and pave the way for innovation, offering new possibilities for comfort, performance, and adaptability in cycling.

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