Hefei intends to purchase more than 100 EH216 series cars through a strategic collaboration, demonstrating their dedication to urban air mobility.

Photo Source- EHang

China's low-altitude economy, identified as a critical industry, gets strong backing in places like Guangzhou and Hefei.

Photo Source- EHang

Huangpu district in Guangzhou offers significant subsidies for low-altitude economy initiatives, up to RMB 30 million.

With key agreements extending its eVTOL aircraft beyond China, EHang's global ambitions are obvious.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has validated the EH216-S's airworthiness and safety.

In 2023, EHang's revenue increased by a staggering 248%, demonstrating its domination in the market.

The introduction of EH216-S into city environments represents a radical change in transportation.